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The industry standard Meyer Hydraulics® Universal Jack Set will handle most light aircraft. All Meyer Jacks feature positive pin safety locks, spring loaded casters and special Meyer locking device to eliminate motion when aircraft is elevated. Each Set has its own unique combination of aircraft jacks and accessories to lift the maximum number of different types of airplanes and helicopters weighing up to 8000 lbs. (3629kg) for the least amount of capital investment.

This Premium Kit features everything in the Basic Kit plus 2 A627 Jacks, Extension Bars, and Leveling Washers. You get the following:

Part Number Description Quantity
A622 Jacks w/AT62222's and AT-JPR1's 2
A627 Jacks w/AT62727's and AT-JPR1's 2
A634 Jacks w/AT63434's and AT-JPR1's 2
AJL-ZB Extension Leg Set (8 legs) 1
AT-EBZA Extension Bar Set 1
AT62234 Inner Slide Tubes 3
AT63448 Inner Slide Tubes 2
ATS Aircraft Tailstand 1
ALW-10 Leveling Washer Set 1
AT-EBZB Extension Bar Set 1
ATS-AA72 Tailstand Extension (not shown) 1


This Series basic design from Meyer Hydraulics has served as the general aviation industry standard for over 55 years. The A600 Series and its predecessors are being used by professional service technicians around the world providing confident lifting of airplanes and helicopters weighing up to 8000 lbs. (3629kg) with the security and features one should demand in an aircraft jack. Even after the additional TriTask features have been added, the A600 Series still continues to be surprisingly affordable. 

A600 aircraft jack callout

A: INNER SLIDE TUBE - Safety lock-out holes are vertically spaced 1" (25mm). The Tube's top has a 1" (25mm) diameter threaded hole to receive a AT-JPRn Jacking Point Receiver, a Load Cell or an AT-EBnnn Extension Bar.

B: POSITIVE SAFETY LOCK - Spring-loaded safety pin "pops" into the Inner Slide Tube to prevent the accidental lowering of the aircraft.

C: STEADY KNOBS remove any side movement of the Inner Slide Tube after the airplane or helicopter is raised to the desired height.

D: TWO ACCESSORY TUBES are provided to allow the operator to put in accessories or tools for on-board storage if desired.

E: MILLED FLAT AREA ON EACH LEG increases surface contact to help prevent any hanger floor surface damage.

F: LOW HEIGHT LEG DESIGN provides maximum gear door clearance, with one of the four sections completely free of any protrusions.

G: ANTI-SNAG ROUND FRAME TUBE Has a 2.875" (73mm) diameter.

H: THREE 3" (76mm) SPRING LOADED CASTERS allow easy transporting of the Jack around the hanger.

I: OPTIONAL ALW-10 LEVELING WASHER SET is a perfect solution when it's necessary to shim the A600 Series Aircraft Jack legs.

AircraftTriTask JacksNecessary Accessories
Aero Commander 100(2) A634(2) AT63448, (2) AT-EBZA, (1) AJL-ZB, (1) ATS
Beechcraft: 1900, 99, King Air (all series)(3) A734B 
Beechcraft: 95, Baron, Debonair, Bonanza(2) A622(2) AT-EB035, (1) ATS
--- OR ---
(2) A521(2) AT500-CA, (2) AT-EB035, (2) AT-JPR1, (1) ATS
Beechcraft: Bonanza Twin 50, Queen Air(2) A634 & (1) A622(1) AT62234
Beechcraft: 60 Duke(2) A634 & (1) A622(1) AT62222 Inner Slide Tube w/offset socket
--- OR ---
(2) A634 & (1) A622(1) AT500-CA Adapter w/offset socket
Beechcraft: Hawker 400, 400A Diamond, 700(2) A728B & (1) A725B(1) AT-EBZA
Beechcraft: Hawker 800's, 900's, 1000(2) A728C & (1) A740C(1) AT-EBZB
Beechcraft: Hawker 4000 Horizon(3) A734C 
Beechcraft: Premier(3) A728B(1) AT-EBZA
Bell: 204, 205, 212, 412(2) A519 & (2) A521(4) AT500-CA (for load cell use)
Bell: 206 Series (L Skid)(2) A514 & (1) A519(1) AT-EBZA, (3) AT500-CA
Bell: 206 Series (H Skid)(2) A521 & (1) A627(2) AT500-CA, (1) AT-EBZA
Bell: 407 (L Skid)(2) A514 & (1) A519(1) AT-EBZB, (3) AT500-CA (for load cell use)
Bell: 407 (H Skid)(2) A521 & (1) A627(2) AT500-CA (for load cell use)
Bell: 427, 429 (Skids Only)(3) A519(3) AT500-CA, (1) AT-EBZB
Bell: Ch-139, OH-58 (L Skid)(2) A514 & (1) A519(3) AT500-CA, (1) AT-EBZA
Bell: Ch-139, OH-58 (H Skid)(1) A519 & (1) A627(2) AT500-CA, (1) AT-EBZA
Bell: UH-1, UH-1H(2) A519 & (2) A521(4) AT500-CA (for load cell use)
Britten Norman: Islander/Trislander(2) A634 & (1) A627(1) AJL-ZB, (1) AT-EBZA, (2) AT63448, (1) ATS, (1) ATS-AA72
Bombardier: Challenger 300 Series(2) A734C & (1) A728B(1) AT-EBZA
Bombardier: Challenger 600 Series(2) A734C & (1) A728C(1) AT-EBZA
Bombardier: CL-215, CL-415(2) A740C & (1) A728C(1) AT-EBZA
Cessna: All High Wings except Caravan's(2) A634(2) AT63448, (1) AJL-ZB, (1) AT-EBZA, (1) ATS
Cessna: Caravans 208, 208B, 406(2) A728B & (1) A622(1) AT-EBZA
--- OR ---
(2) A728B & (1) A627 
Cessna: 310, 320, 337 Skymaster, 340(2) A634 & (1) A622(1) AT-EB055, or (1) AT-EBZB
--- OR ---
(3) A627 
Cessna: All 400 Series except 406 Caravan II(2) A634 & (1) A622(1) AT-EB055, or (1) AT-EBZB
--- OR ---
(3) A627 
Cessna: Citation I 500, II 550, V 560(2) A725B & (1) A722B(1) AT-EBZB
Cessna: Citation CJ1, CJ2, CJ3 (525's)(2) A725B & (1) A521(1) AT-EBZA, (1) AT500-CA
--- OR ---
(2) A725B & A722B 
Cessna: Citation V 560XL, 560XLS(2) A728C & (1) A725B(1) AT-EBZA
Cessna: Citation III 650, VI 650, VII 650(2) A734B & (1) A725B(1) AT-EBZB
Cessna: Citation 680 Sovereign(2) A734C & (1) A734B(1) AT-EBZA
Cessna: Citation X 750(2) A740C & (1) A734B(2) AT-EB015, (1) AT-EBZB 
Cessna: Mustang 510(3) A521 
Dassault: Falcon 10(3) A728B(1) AT-EBZA
Dassault: Falcon 20(3) A734C(1) AT-EBZB
Dassault: Falcon 50(2) A740C & (1) A734C(1) AT-EBZB
Eurocopter: AS355, BK-117, BO-105, EC135, EC145 (UH-72A)(4) A514(4) AT500-CA, (1) AT-EBZA
Eurocopter: AS365(2) A521 & (1) A519(3) AT500-CA, (1) AT-EBZA 
Eurocopter: EC120(2) A519 & (1) A634(2) AT500-CA (1) AT-EBZA 
(1) AJL-ZA (2) AT63448
Eurocopter: EC130 (L Skid)(2) A514 & (1) A521(3) AT500-CA, (1) AT-EBZB
Eurocopter: EC130 (H Skid)(2) A521 & (1) A634(2) AT500-CA, (1) AT-EBZB
Eclipse: 500 (VLJ)(2) A519 & (1) A627(1) AT-EC01
Fairchild Swearingen: Merlin II, III, IV(3) A740C(1) AT-EBZA
Gulfstream: Aero Commander(2) A634(2) AT63448, (2) AT-EBZA, (1) AJL-ZB
Gulfstream: I 
(2) A740C & (1) A734C(1) AT-EBZA 
Gulfstream: G100(3) A734B(1) AT-EBZB
Gulfstream: G150(2) A734B & (1) A728B(1) AT-EBZB
Gulfstream: G200 Galaxy(2) A734C & (1) A728C(1) AT-EBZA
Gulfstream: Turbo Commander(2) A760A 
Jet Commander Westwind(2) A734B(1) AT-EBZB
Learjet: All 20's, 30's, 55(2) A725B & (1) A722B(1) AT-EBZB 
Learjet: 45(2) A728B & (1) A725B(1) AT-EBZA
Learjet: 60, 70/75(2) A728B & (1) A722B(1) AT-EBZA
Lockheed: JetStar, JetStar II(3) A734C(1) AT-EBZB
Mitsubishi: MU-2's(2) A760A & (1) A722B(1) AT-EBZA
Mooney(2) A622(1) ATS
--- OR ---
(2) A521(1) ATS
Navion(2) A622(2) AT-EB055, (1) ATS
--- OR ---
(2) A627(1) ATS
North American Sabreliner(3) A728B(1) AT-EBZA
Pilatus: PC-9(3) A728B(1) AT-EBZA, (1) ATS (Pilatus jack point studs fit Jacks)
Pilatus: PC-12(2) A728B & (1) A740C(1) AT-EBZA (Pilatus jack point studs fit Jacks)
Piper: Aztec, Cherokee, Comanche, Seneca(2) A622(1) ATS
--- OR ---
(2) A521(1) ATS
Piper: Aerostar & Chieftain(2) A634(1) ATS
Piper: Cheyenne II(2) A734B(1) ATS, (1) ATS-AA72
Piper: Cheyenne III(3) A734B(1) ATS, (1) ATS-AA72
Piper: Malibu PA-46(2) A627(1) AT-EBZB, (1) ATS
Piper: Navajo(2) A634(1) ATS
Piper: Saratoga(2) A622 & (2) A627(2) AT-EB055, (1) ATS, (1) ATS
974 lbs (442.5Kg) shipping weight.