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Works for Socata 6 lbs (2.5Kg) shipping weight.

Additional Information



  • Combination of steel used for durability.
  • Foam rubber hand and lever grips standard.
  • High shear quick release pins adjust length.
  • Powder coating process resists scratches.
  • Lifetime guarantee when used for the intended purpose.
  • Made in the USA


  • Extend handle using a quick release pin.
  • Open the jaws by pressing forward on the spreader lever.
  • Position feet at the nose or tail wheel assembly.
  • Release tension on spreader bar to lock on the bogi-bar.


Part NumberAircraft ModelNose or Tail
BO-04M-ABIAlaskan BushwheelTail
BO-04M-APIAircraft Products Tail WheelTail
BO-04M-XPCessna XP ModificationTail
BO-04M-F24Fairchild 24, Beech Stagger WingTail
BO-04M-GLA-SGlaStar and Sportsman aircraft - Taildragger configurationTail
BO-04M-TDGScott 3200 & 3400Tail
BO-04M-RVVans RV3, RV4, RV6,RV7,RV8 and RV9Tail
BO-04M-RVSEScreaming Eagle RV Retrofit Tailwheel Fork towbarTail
BO-04M-AEROSTARAerostar 601Nose
BO-04M-601XLAMD 601 XLNose
BO-04M-AAAMD-CH-2000, Gulfstream American AA1 & AA5Nose
BO-04M-AGUSTAAgusta HelicopterNose
BO-04M-AIRGLASAirglas nose fork towbarNose
BO-04M-35Beechcraft - Bonanza, Debonair, Duchess, Duke & Skipper, and Baron, T-34A, (Fits .25" Strut Pin)Nose
BO-04M-19/23BBeechcraft - Musketeer, Sport, Super, Sundowner & SierraNose
BO-04M-B-90Beechcraft -Twin Beech, King Air, Queen AirNose
BO-04M-17/30Bellanca - VikingNose
BO-04M-BS100Blackshape Prime UL, and Prime LS aircraft towbarNose
BO-04M-172Cessna 150, 152, 162 Skycatcher, 172, 175, 177, 182 Also RV-4Nose
BO-04M-182-XLCessna 182 S (1996 and up) and T (2001 and up) models with long nose. Towbar extends to 55" and closes down to 35".Nose
BO-04M-210Cessna 172RG, 177RG, 182RG & 210 series, Skymaster 337Nose
BO-04M-206Cessna 205, 206 & 207Nose
BO-04M-LANCECessna Corvalis/Cessna 400, Columbia 350/400Nose
BO-04M-CH701CH 701 TrainerNose
BO-04M-SRCirrus SR 20 & 22 SeriesNose
BO-04M-DA20Diamond DA20 Tow barNose
BO-04M-DA40Diamond DA40 Tow barNose
BO-04M-DA42Diamond DA42 Tow barNose
BO-04M-GLA-IIIGlassair lllNose
BO-04M-GP4Osprey GP4 Aircraft towbarNose
BO-04M-IARIAR 823Nose
BO-04M-JABIRUJabiru Sport AircraftNose
BO-04M-KFOXKit FoxNose
BO-04M-LAKELake Amphibian (LA-4)Nose
BO-04M-LARGLancair RG Kit PlaneNose
BO-04M-LANDISLandis nose fork towbarNose
BO-04M-LGCUBPiper Legend CubNose
BO-04M-MOONMooney aircraftNose
BO-04M-NAVIONNavion Aircraft towbarNose
BO-04M-24/30Piper Comanche PA-24, PA-30 & PA-39 Also PA-32 Cherokee Six axle w/pants if tabs above wheel are broken. (Not verified for Piper Saratoga with fixed gear)Nose
BO-04M-22/28Piper PA-22 & PA-28 series (not PA-28R) Also PA-32 Cherokee Six, Piper Saratoga with fixed gear if attach tabs above wheel pant are still there.Nose
BO-04M-PA46Piper Malibu, Meridian & Mirage - Hand PullNose
BO-04M-28RPiper PA-28R Series - Hand Pull for dog-leg style gear, also fits Saratoga/Lance Retractable, PA-46, Malibu, Mirage, MeridianNose
BO-04M-32RPiper PA-32R-RT/Saratoga - Hand Pull for dog-leg style gear, also fits Piper PA-28R Series, PA-46, Malibu, Mirage, MeridianNose
BO-04M-34Piper Seneca PA-34-200/220/220T *handle extends to 67"Nose
BO-04M-38Piper TomahawkNose
BO-04M-ROCKRockwell 112 & 114Nose
BO-04M-MARCHSIAI MarchettiNose
BO-04M-TECNAMFor use on Tecnam, P2008, P92 Eaglet (does not fit P2002....possible 172, not verified)Nose
BO-04M-601CHZodiac CH601 Kit PlaneNose
BO-04M-RV10Vans - RV10, RV14ANose
BO-04M-RVAVans - RV6A, RV7A, RV8A,RV9A, & RV12Nose