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The Quick Charge APU/Charger is designed to supply filtered DC bus power through standard APU receptacle in private and commercial aircraft. Up to 25 or 50 amp is available for operating avionics and flight control systems when the master switch is activated. Can also charge the battery through the plug. Output is current limited, and will withstand starting loads. Voltage is limited to prevent battery overcharging. DC current and voltage are displayed on panel meters.

Product Specifications: Delivers 28 volts at 25 amps to power 24 volt ignition and avionics systems. 3-pin power connector plug.

Quick Charge® Auxillary Power Units (APU)/ Battery Chargers


Part NumberDC AmpsDC VoltageAC Power
APU14V/25A2512117V 60HZ 3 AMPS
APU28V/25A2524117V 60HZ 6 AMPS
APU28V/50A5024117V 60HZ 12 AMPS
36 lbs (16Kg) shipping weight.