SKU: MT-1232

Category: Electrical

Product Features

  • VAC 0-600V (1.0%)
  • Large 3-1/2 digits LCD display w/Auto shutoff
  • VDC 0-600V (1.0%)
  • 10M input impedance
  • AC current 0-10A (2.5%)
  • DC current 0-20A (1.2%)
  • Resistance 0-40M (1.2%)
  • Frequency 0-10MHZ (0.5%)
  • Capacitance 1-100µF (5.0%)
  • Temperature -20°C to 1000 °C (-4 °F to 1832 °C) (2.5%)

A well-built, low cost multimeter that’s excellent for tracking down electrical problems, or testing circuit voltages. It has all of the features of the more expensive units at a fraction of the cost. It acccurately measures voltage (AC and DC), current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, and temperature. The trade-off in price is a slightly reduced accuracy as compared to the $100+ units. So if you don’t have a need for laboratory precision in your electrical work then this tool will get the job done and save you money. 1 year warranty.

1 lbs (0.5Kg) shipping weight.