SKU: VA-400-A

Category: Test & Inspection

Product Features

  • Works perfectly with iPhone, iPad, or any other WiFi device.
  • Includes W03B WiFi controller and power source.
  • Includes VA-400 (V5) featuring HD resolution and tungsten braided articulating sleeve.
  • One-handed articulation: simply press the thumb plunger to control articulation angle.
  • Locking knob keeps articulated angle until released.
  • Built-in dual-purpose button for both LED brightness and camera control.
  • Very small bending radius: 1.2" (30mm).
  • Illumination: 8 white LED lights built-in.
  • High resolution 1280x720 HD CMOS sensor.
  • Focal Distance: 0.2" (5mm) – infinity, fixed focus.
  • Power supply: battery of W03B controller, or by USB port of PC or Tablet

Apple® iPad and iPhone users: here is the video borescope solution you need for your device. It's a complete kit that features the new Vividia VA-400 Video Borescope (V5), featuring 1280x720 HD resolution, a variable 1-way articulating tip, plus the W03B WiFi controller to wirelessly connect to your Apple device. The controller acts as a wifi hotspot and a power supply, so all you have to do, after connecting it to the videoscope, is look for it on your Apple device and connect as you would to to any other hotspot. It's that simple. And, a nice benefit of using wireless is that you can place your tablet or phone on a stand to free up your hand and give unlimited freedom of movement. This kit will also work with any other phone, tablet, or computer device via the WiFi connection.

2 lbs (0.5Kg) shipping weight.