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Time-Rite is an instrument designed for precision timing of aircraft engines by direct measurement of piston travel.

The features of the Time-Rite design a moveable slide pointer, and an adjustable calibrated scale, eliminate the need for finding top dead center and compensate for the variables involved in accurate piston positioning.

Calibrated scales are available for most types of engines, and scale calibrations are obtained in cooperation with, and are approved by the engine manufactures.

Because of the difference in spark plug locations and piston dome shapes, different pivot arms are available to adapt the Time-Rite to most aircraft engines. All arms are easily interchanged. Carries a Lifetime ATS-Pro warranty

The complete Deluxe Combo Kit contains everything needed to handle every engine listed in the timerite manual.
Kit Includes:
- One 18mm Time-Rite unit
- One 14mm Cone to adapt for 14mm use
- A complete set of scales for 14mm and 18mm engines
- A complete set of arms for 14mm and 18mm engines
- An instruction manual
- A fitted case

Technical data for this product is available by clicking here .

Install Time-Rite in the spark plug hole of the timing cylinder and turn the engine through one complete cycle which leaves the slide pointer at the highest piston travel point, permitting alignment of the zero degree position on the calibrated scale with the slide pointer.

Timing degree positions measured from the zero degree scale mark represent angular, crankshaft positions relative to true top dead center as obtained by methods using a pointer and protractor on the crankshaft.

ALLISON V-1710-143, -145 B18 12 H Dn.
C-75; C-85; C-115; C-125 B18 5A C Up
C-90; C-145; O-300-A thru D; O-200 A thru F B18 10B C Up
E-165; E-185, 1, 3, 8, 9, 11; E-225-4, 8 (with 532452 Cylinders); IO-470-J; O470-A, E, J, 11, 15 (with 532452 Cylinders) B18 10A D Up
E-165; E-185, 1, 3, 8, 9, 11; E-225-4, 8; O-470-A, E, J, 11, 15 (with 536727, 538348, 528610 Cylinders) B18 13A E Dn.
FSO-526-A (ATC); GSO-526-A (ATC) B18 20A X  
GIO-300; GO-300-A, B, C, E B18 21A U Up
GSO-526-A (BTC) B18 20B A Dn.
IO-470-C, G; O-470-B, G, H, M, N, P, 2, 13, 4 B18 13B E Dn.
IO-470-D, E, F, H, K, L, M, N, R; IO520 B18 17 S Up
O-470-G, H B18 21B T Up
O-470-K, L, R, S B18 17A S Up
R-9A; R-760; R-975-C1, C2, C3 B18 4A C Dn.
W670 B18 4B C Dn.
LYCOMING D2; O-145-B, C B18 9A C Up
O-235; O-290-11; O320, A, C, E; O435-17, 23; O-480-1, A1, A6; IO-320-A B18 9B E Dn.
VO-435; GO-435; GO-480-A1, A6, B, B6, D, F, F6; GO-580; GSO-480-A1A6, B1A6, B1B6; GSO-580; IGSO-480-A, A1, A6, B6; TVO-435; TVO-435-B1A B18 9B E Dn.
O-340-A; O-290-D2B; O-290-D2C B18 18B V Dn.
GO-480-C, C1B6, C2D, G2D6; GO-480-C1D6; GO-480-C2C6 B18 19 E Dn.
O-290-D; O-435-A B18 13A V Dn.
R-680 (5:5:1) B18 3A C Dn.
IO-540 B18 9A T Up
IMO-360-B B18 19 E Up
IO-320-B1A, B, C; O-320-B, D; O-235-C1; O-290-D, O2B; O-435-A; O-540-B2B5 B18 9A E Dn.
GO-480-B1B, B1DB, D1A; GO-435-C2, C2A, C2B, D1; GSO-590-C; GSO-580-D B18 9A E Dn.
O-360-A1D; O-360-C; O-540-D, E, F; IO-540-D4A5; IO-360-A, B B18 29A U Up
IMO-360-A; O-360-A, A1A, A, B; MO-360; IGO-540; O-540-A, A1A; IGSO-540, A1A; O-340-A1A B18 18A D Up
IVO-360-A; HO-360-A; HO-360-B; HIO-360-B; IO-540-C, D, J; HO-360; VO-360; VO-540 B18 18A D Up
IO-720; IO-360-A1A B18 18A V Up
O-360-B; O-540-B B18 19 R Up
O-290-D-2 B18 18A E Dn.
FRANKLIN 4A4; 6A4-150, 165; 6V4-178; O-335-3, 4 B14 7B A Dn.
6A8-125 B14 7A E Dn.
6A4-200; 6V4-200; O-335-2, 5, 5A, 5B, 6, 6B; YO-335-5 B14 8B G Dn.
6A6-245; 6A8; 6V6-245; O-425-1, 5, 9 B14 8A R Dn.
JACOBS L4; R755A; R755B2 B18 6B C Dn.
PRATT & WHITNEY R-985; R-1830; R-1535 B18 24A A Up
R-2000; R-2800 B18 24B A Up
R-1340-H1; R-2180; R-1690-E B18 23A A Dn.
R-4360 B18 23B A Up
R-1340C, D B18 23A C Dn.
RANGER 6-440-C B18 3B A Dn.
ROLLS-ROYCE V-1650, 23, 25 B14 15 J Dn.
GIPSY QUEEN 30 MK.2 & 70 MK.2 B14 25A C Dn.
GIPSY MAJOR 140 B14 28A D Up
GIPSY MAJOR 10 MK.2 B14 25B R Dn.
WARNER 125, 145, 165, 185 B18 6A C Dn.
WRIGHT R-1300-1A, 2A, 3, 4, C7BA (805941) B18 11A K Up
R-3350-75 (80594); 749C18BD1 (805941) B18 11B G Up
R-1820-54, 72 WA, 60, 62, 62A, 74W, 76, 76A, 76B, 76C, 76D, 80, 80A, 82, 82A, 84, 84A, C, D, 86, 86A, 97, 101, 103, 103A, C9GB, C9GC, C9HD, C9HE (805940) B18 2B B Up
R-2600-8, 13, 20, 29, C14BB; R-3350-8, 13, 23A, 24W, 24WA, 35, 35A, 57M, 57AM, 83; 745C18BA-3 (805940) B18 2A B Up
R-3350-26W, 26WA, 26WB, 30W, 30WA, 30WB, 32W, 34, 77, 85, 89, 91 (805942); 861C18CA-2; 956C18CA; 927TC18DA-1, 2, 3, 4; 975C18CB-1, 988TC18EA-1, 2, 3 B18 14B M Up
R-760; R-975 B18 4A C Dn.
R-3350TC18 B18 14A MA Dn.
R-3350-C18BD B18 11A G Up
3 lbs (1.5Kg) shipping weight.