Category: Cleaning & Polishing

Product Features

  • Single speed, 3000 orbits per minute, 110 volts AC 9.5 foot, power cord, new rocker switch
  • Configured with two backing plates and ready to use with Cyclo hook and loop attached pads for cutting, compounding, polishing and protecting
  • May also be fitted with optional scrub brushes and silver balancing weights for carpet and upholstery and more
  • Lightweight (6.5 pounds) and incredibly durable. Made in the U.S.A. by Cyclo Toolmakers (now Rupes) for over 60 years

This Cyclo Model 5, Mark II machine is equipped with ProGuard Orbital Backing Plates for attaching loop backed foam or wool pads. The Cyclo tool's innovative design eliminates the two main problems that plague rotary polishers: heat build-up that can cause visible burns, gouges and swirls, and vibration.

The synchronized movement of the Cyclo Polisher's dual orbiting heads effectively mirrors the overlapping, circular motion of fine hand polishing. The result is perfectly balanced machine that produces virtually no vibration and a mirror-like finish without swirl marks or risk of damage to paint.

While the Cyclo Dual Head Orbital Polisher is legendary for its polishing capabilities, it also provides the user with versatility. Attach one of its many accessories, and this incredible machine can scrub carpets, buff windshields, sand flat or contour surfaces, or strip wax buildup from floors. It also removes puck marks from hockey arena boards.

Nothing outshines the Cyclo Polisher. For polishing, versatility and value, the Cyclo Polisher is in a class by itself. Intended for professional commercial users.

Why is the Cyclo the world's most versatile polisher?

The answer can be found in its patented dual orbital heads. Rather than spin like traditional rotary polishers, the Cyclo Polisher's heads rotate in an overlapping circular motion. Its movement is almost identical to hand polishing, only much quicker. That unique combination of motion, speed, and just the right weight makes it perfect for deoxidizing, buffing, and glazing paint and metals to a mirror finish.

Each Cyclo Polisher is expertly machined, manually polished or powder-coated, and hand-fitted to ensure durability and longevity. Its solid metal construction, machined fittings, precisely crafted gears, and hand assembly make the Cyclo machine the world's finest orbital polisher. In addition, this extraordinary tool is serviceable. Every part of a Cyclo Polisher can be replaced, ensuring that it will continue to perform at its highest level for years, even decades, after purchase.


Polishing is just the beginning.

While the Cyclo Dual Head Orbital Polisher is legendary for its polishing capabilities, it also provides the user with versatility. Attach one of its many grades of brushes and this incredible machine can scrub a variety of surfaces, from delicate leather upholstery to spray in truck bed liners. Scrub carpets, floors, rubber, or virtually any surface in need of deep cleaning. Nothing outshines the Cyclo Polisher. For polishing, versatility, and value, the Cyclo Polisher is in a class by itself.

VES technology standard on all Cyclo Polishers.

All Cyclo Polishers include the advanced Vibration Elimination System (VES). VES is available exclusively on Cyclo Dual Head Orbital Polishers and includes a specialized counterweight and precision-matched, weighted inserts. Select the proper VES weighted inserts for the intended attachment system configuration and eliminate nearly all vibration.

Perfect for every polishing project.

The Cyclo Polisher's legend began in 1953 when the tool was approved for use by the government to polish its military aircraft and missiles. During those years, the machine earned its reputation for durability and dependability as it was used on fleet after fleet of large airplanes. In fact, there are many 50-year-old Cyclo Polishers still in use around the world.

Today, the Cyclo Dual Head Orbital Polisher delivers a superior polish on mainstream products such as automobiles, boats, and even Airstreams and RVs. Car dealerships, automobile detailers, car washes, and fleet users all rely on the Cyclo machine to keep their vehicles looking like new. Additionally, the Cyclo machine continues to be the the choice for aircraft including the U.S. Air Force One fleet.

Where is the raw polished metal version of the Cyclo?

In March of 2015, Cyclo Toolmakers was acquired by RUPES SpA, a leading innovator of sanding and polishing equipment from Italy. Under the new ownership and operating as RUPES USA, the new company has made several changes to the Cyclo, and there are more on the horizon. One of the first steps was to eliminate the tumble polishing process and replace it with a more vibrant blue powder coat. This change added another layer of corrosion resistance and protection for the housing while eliminating the creation of metal polishing byproducts that were not environmentally friendly. The design and materials used in the blue Cyclo are the same as all the previous generations, just covered in a durable baked-on powder coat.

Part NumberDescriptionUsesPads per PackColorBacking
CY72-110Super Fine Finishing PadExtra shine, final wax, paint sealant4WhiteVelcro/Hook and Loop
CY72-120Buffing PadDeoxidizing, light and medium polishing, all-in-one, swirl removal.4GreenVelcro/Hook and Loop
CY72-135Blending/PolishingCompounding, scratch removal, deoxidizing, and polishing paint and metal.4YellowVelcro/Hook and Loop
9 lbs (4Kg) shipping weight.