Category: Riveting Kits


It's our new ATS Pro Field Kit and we are introducing it for the first time. This no-compromise kit features our top of the line tools. In it you get our best-selling Palm Drill (featuring a true variable speed trigger from 0 to 2600 RPM), plus an assortment of cobalt drill bits in the 4 most commonly use sizes (#40, #30, #21, and #11).

For perfect riveting jobs, we give you our top of the line ATS Pro Rivet Gun with feather trigger (including springs), two of our most popular Tungsten bucking bars, and a full set of riveting snaps. We've even thrown in a set of rivet gauges to make sure you get things right, and a bottle of oil to keep those tools running at peak performance.

It all comes to you in a quality shadow-foamed hard tool case, making this the kit you will want to show off!

12 lbs (5.5Kg) shipping weight.