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Category: Electrical

Product Features

  • Use the precise setting you wish to strip from 22-8 AWG wires with ease
  • Made with cast alloy chassis
  • Convenient recoiling spring design and tension loaded wire grip
  • Stripping holes are machined precisely to remove insulation without damage
  • Fast compound wire stripping action
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Choose the Gauge You Need
Offering precisely machined stripping holes from 22-8 AWG gives you the options you need to control the precision of your wire strips. Simply choose the gauge of the wire you plan to strip and have at it. This wire stripper is ready to go as soon as you are.

Tension Loaded Grip
To keep you in control, the built-in tension loaded grip provides comfort, and it automatically returns to its default position after use.

Experience Fast Compound Action
Fast compound action makes the job a whole lot easier and more efficient by working with your grip, giving more force with less effort.

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