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Part Number: TB12K

Category: CABLE & WIRE

Sale:$35.95 List Price $49.95
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Adjusting cable turnbuckles no longer has to be a dreaded ordeal, and you won't need three hands to do it. With our new Turnbuckle Rigging Kit you'll get a complete solution that consists of our Turnbuckle Rigging Tool TB01 to hold the terminal ends of the turnbuckle in place and keep the cable from twisting as you turn the barrel. And you also get our new Turnbuckle Wrench TB02 to make turning the barrel a piece of cake. The wrench clamps around the barrel (MS21251 style) and gives you the leverage to effortlessly turn it. This kit is a real timesaver that will let you adjust turnbuckles through inspection holes quickly and with minimum effort.

1 lbs (0.5Kg) shipping weight.

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