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Part Number: 65530CX


Product Features

  • Can ship via Air
  • Sturdy tripod design
  • Assembles in minutes with a 1/2" wrench
  • Assembled dimensions: 24" (61cm) high, 36" (91cm) distance between legs
  • Includes a set of locking casters for easy mobility
  • Supports up to 1200 lbs (545 Kg) (static tested to 2500 lbs (1136 Kg))
  • Includes Adapter for Continental and Lycoming engines
  • Lifetime Warranty

Sale:$235.95 List Price $299.95
Save $64.00 (21 %)


Our breakdown Engine Stand Kit comes to you unassembled to save you *BIG* on shipping costs, but it goes together in a few minutes with only a couple of wrenches.

How does it save you money on shipping?

Other engine stands are pre-welded and must be shipped via UPS or FEDEX. Forget about using the US Postal Service, they won't take them... period! The problem is that even though these stands typically weigh only about 30 pounds, UPS and FEDEX treats them as OVERSIZE packages and charge you based on the dimensions of the stand (dimension weight), which can be as much as 150 lbs! Additionally, because they don't fit into a nice neat box, they will charge you an additional IRREGULAR package handling fee... that's another $50 on top of shipping costs! We've seen shipping costs for these things as high as $375 to places like Alaska... no kidding!

Some of our competitors try to get around this by selling their engine stands in kit form, which solves the shipping problem. But you still have to weld it together yourself! So if you don't have welding equipment, or your welding skills are rusty, then you're out of luck...

Our new engine stand requires ABSOLUTELY NO WELDING. We ship it to you in a compact 11"x11"x36" box (which makes shipping costs downright reasonable), with everything you need to get going. All you need to supply are a couple of 1/2" wrenches and a little elbow grease.

42 lbs (19.5Kg) shipping weight.

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Part Number: 65530-20SA
This adapter allows the ATS 65530CX engine stand to work with #20 spline propeller shafts.
Price:$184.95Sale:$162.95 Qty

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