SKU: VA-980-A

Category: Test & Inspection

Product Features

  • Includes W03B WiFi controller/power source.
  • Features a 32" (800mm) semi-rigid (obedient) shaft.
  • Latest V5 model features HD resolution and tungsten braided articulating sleeve.
  • One-handed articulation: simply press the thumb plunger to control articulation angle.
  • Locking knob keeps articulated angle until released.
  • Built-in dual-purpose button for both LED brightness and camera control.
  • Very small bending radius: 1.2" (30mm).
  • Illumination: 8 white LED lights built-in.
  • High resolution 1280x720 HD CMOS sensor.
  • Focal Distance: 0.2" (5mm) – infinity, fixed focus.
  • Power supply: from W03B battery, or by USB port of PC or Tablet.

This solution for Apple iPad and iPhone (IoS device) owners. It features the new Vividia VA-980 Flexible Borescope (V5), plus the W03B WiFi adapter to wirelessly connect your borescope to your apple device. 

The VA-980 Borescope features a semi-rigid (also called "obedient") shaft that can be bent and contoured around obstacles to access difficult areas. The tip can be made to continuously articulate a full 180 degrees via a plunger on the handle. This allows you look straight ahead (0 degrees), perpendicularly (90 degrees), or even backwards (180 degrees). And at only .33" (9.5mm) diameter the probe will easily fit into a spark plug ports, allowing you to perform full inspections of cylinder walls, piston faces and rings, and the intake and exhaust valves. The HD resolution (1280x720) camera auto-focuses from 1.57" (40mm) to 16" (400mm). And it's LED tip lights serves to clearly illuminate the inspection area.

The addition of the W03B WiFi controller provides both wireless capability and a battery power source for your borescope. So, all you have to do is simply log onto the W03B's signal, load up the camera app (a free download) and start inspecting.

4 lbs (1.5Kg) shipping weight.