Customer Comments

We don't like to toot our own horn too much, but we've received so many wonderful letters from our customers, we thought it would be nice to share some of them with you. And perhaps give you an idea of what our customers think of us.

"What a wonderful donation you sent for our EAA annual banquet. Thank you!!!
A catalog was also presented to the winner of the riveter. I will have kept the remainder to give out at our next meeting and also to the Grove City Regional Airport. The stickers will be a hit at our next chili fly-in and also at our annual fly-in/drive-in in September.
Thank you for supporting EAA, we have been adding members at our local level and most of them are builders. What fun and what great people to meet."

J. Schmidt Presidential Advisor & Banquet Chairperson
EAA Chapter 161, Grove City

"We have received the repaired rivet squeezer and I and Aero-Shade Technologies would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Aircraft Tool Supply for your very fast reply and service. We deal with many companies around the world and few have the customer service demonstrated by you and Aircraft Tool Supply. As our company grows we hope to purchase more of your products."

D. Kantorowski
Production MGR
Aero-Shade Technologies

"You folks were very helpful sending to me parts for my old Parker tube beading tool kit. Thanks to your willingness to help me identify the parts I needed and your very fair pricing, my kit is all back in shape again. Thanks."

D. Starr
Minneapolis, MN

"Hi, I was lucky enough to win a Rivnut Tool at the Cessna 120/140 Convention in Gulf Shores in Alabama. I've gone to several conventions and it seems like Aircraft Tool Supply Company has always been kind enough to donate a door prize. Us little Cessna 120/140 folks sure appreciate that. I thank you, my A&P thanks you, and my I.A. thanks you."

L.A. Richey
Rhome, TX

"I just want to let you know how excellent your people are at handling my online order. They called me shortly after both of my orders were placed to let me know the 2 day shipment was back ordered so we just added it to the regular ground order. Then I got another call because they noticed I ordered 2 of the same wrenches and thought it might be a mistake. It was! I needed a different size wrench so we added the correct size. This is a great example of someone thinking and paying attention to the details. Great Job!!"

D.J. Wilkins
Longmont, CO

DJ. Credit goes to Beth (Internet/Foreign Sales) and Veronica (Shipping Manager) -- two truly outstanding members of our Sales & Support team... Des.

"This correspondence is to inform you of your current Performance Ratings. These ratings are based on Incoming Inspection/Test evaluations for the past Twelve-month period (10/30/06-10/30/07). We have established the Supplier Overall Performance Goal for the year at 99%. Overall performance ratings greater than 90% are expected from our suppliers. Ratings of 86% thru 89% suggest that our suppliers should be highly concerned. Overall Ratings of 85% or less are considered Unacceptable and warrant immediate response and or improvement.

Your Overall Performance Rating is 100%
Your current performance rating is Excellent.

L3 Communications Narda Satellite Networks considers AIRCRAFT TOOL SUPPLY COMPANY to be a valued supplier..."

John Parrinello
Purchasing Manager
L3 Communications

"Your reply has to be the fastest turnaround I've ever seen on any online order anywhere. Remarkable."

Stephen Fleming
Carlsbad, NM

"Thank you for helping Wings of Hope improve peoples' lives and give them hope. Your generous donation of the items on the enclosed list to our Hope, Healing and Peace Dinner and Auction will help make the event as success. Consider yourself our partner as we continually strive to serve the people of this community with our Free Medical Air Transport, as well as assisting the poor around the world."

Douglass J. Clements
Executive Director
Wings Of Hope

These folks are doing very good work. Consider sending a donation to help their worthy efforts... Des.

"On behalf of our entire membership, Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 55 sincerely thanks Aircraft Tool Supply Company for your generous support of Mason Aviation Days 2006...Mason Aviation Day 2006 was a successful event. It would not have been possible without sponsors like you. Your name was displayed on sponsor lists posted at various points around the Chapter hanger and grounds. Money raised by our event helps to benefit the Newberry Scholarship Fund, established to award to recipients in aviation related educational programs. We are honored by your support and thank you for your generosity."

Vickie Vandenbelt
Fund Raising Chairperson
Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 55

"I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for such prompt service. I placed my order on Friday morning, you shipped it that day, and I received it on Monday. Considering that I'm in California [we're in Michigan] and it was shipped USPS (US Postal Service) First Class, I was amazed how quickly it arrived. Thanks for getting my order out so quickly."

Dan Ybarra
Menifee, CA

Actually, this sounds more like a rave review for our Postal Service, but we'll take the pat on the back anyway... Des.

"Thank you for the donation made to our Texas Chapter Antique Airplane Association Fly-In. Your generosity was noted and very much appreciated by everyone in attendance. Although the temperature was 102 degrees both days, we still had 210 airplanes on the flight line. It is heart-warming for all of us to know that you are willing to help us 'Keep the Antiques Flying'. Thanks again"

Marge Richey
Texas Chapter Antique Airplane Association

"This correspondence is to inform you of your current Performance Ratings. These ratings are based on Incoming Inspection/Test evaluations for the past Twelve-month period (9/30/05-9/30/06). We have established the Supplier Overall Performance Goal for the year at 99%. Overall performance ratings greater than 90% are expected from our suppliers. Ratings of 86% thru 89% suggest that our suppliers should be highly concerned. Overall Ratings of 85% or less are considered Unacceptable and warrant immediate response and or improvement.

Your Overall Performance Rating is 100%
Your current performance rating is Excellent.

L3 Communications Narda Satellite Networks considers Aircraft Tool Supply Company to be a valued supplier..."

John Parrinello
Purchasing Manager
L3 Communications

"The Cleco 1/8 inch fasteners and strap duplicators have had amazing results, and I use them constantly now in light sheet-metal work. Everyone who sees them is amazed -- they seem so cheap for what they do! I like the strap center-punch. I make that actual hole with the punch (it looks like a big-ticket punch, very strong) instead of a drill, and it's all so neat and accurate. The whole point of this (for your amusement) is making very light sheet-metal boxes related to neon sculpture. So, the box has wiring and high-voltage stuff inside, and the fragile neon glass outside. The challenge is to get it all light enough to hang on the wall, and still be stiff enough to hold glass securely. It seemed like aircraft technique would be the way to go, and it HAS BEEN, thanks in part to your help! Thanks again."


We don't know much about Lenny, other than he's a sculpture artist who works in Neon. He had a very unusual riveting problem, and we were more than happy to help... Des

"On behalf of the Clarkstown Central School District and the middle school students, I would like to personally thank you for the generous grant of some tools to the Felix V. Fiesta Middle School Aerospace Club. Obtaining sponsors for the helicopter project is difficult, extremely time consuming and, at times, very discouraging. Your support for Project SMART and Math/Science/Technology and Engineering Education is greatly appreciated."

Alan G. Horowitz
Project SMART
(Science, Math, And Rotorcraft Technology)

"Fantastic turn-around! I received my order from your organization overnight. I ordered one day and by noon the next I received my merchandise via parcel post -- the least expensive carrier. Thanks!"

Norm Beal
Adrian, MI

"The order finally arrived, well packed, seems like good quality, etc. Regards to all who helped [in tracking down his lost order]. When my checkbook recovers from Oshkosh, I will definitely include you when I need more stuff. Again thanks."

Wayne King
Ripley, TN

Wayne wrote in response to our efforts to track down and recover his order, which was lost in transit... Des

"My name is Red Weston. I'm a Maintenance Trainer Sr. with Lockheed-Martin in Fort Worth Texas. I am the lead structural instructor for several aircraft programs. Recently I had the pleasure of doing business with Leslie [our customer service representative]. I needed to order some cutting tools, and she went totally our of her way to help me find and order what I needed. Every time I've had to contact her with a question or an issue, she has been more than extremely pleasant and cheerful, as well as helpful. She is currently working with me to identify some blind fastener installation guns as well as lockbolt installation tools that I may be purchasing. I just wanted to let you know that what a great employee you have there and how much I've enjoyed the experience of doing business with your company. I'm a big believer in if I don't like how somebody is doing business to let them know so that they have the opportunity to change. Inversely, I believe it's important to let an employee's supervisor know what a great job the employee is doing to promote goodwill within the industry. In closing, let me offer my wishes for you, your family, and all of the employees there to have a great holiday."

Red Weston
Maintenance Trainer Sr
Learning and Development, Lockheed Martin

Red, I couldn't agree more... Leslie is an amazing employee (she won top employee of the year twice in a row). But then again, all of our employees are outstanding in what they do. We truly pride ourselves in the service we give to our customers... Des

"Just a note to let you know that my recent purchases were some of the best transactions I have ever experienced. All levels of contact, from making the initial order to receiving the final item. Service was excellent and most of all communication was outstanding. You are making a positive impression in the industry! Thanks."

Pat Claar
Arvada, CO

"Hi, just a note to thank you for the excellent service -- processing our order and delivering your Pro Beading Kit to the UK in 2 days! Well done. Product looks excellent. Thank you."

Tony Maile
Midland Aerospace, Ltd.
Nottingham, UK

"Outstanding support!!"

Josè Ramiro Cedillo
Director General
Aeronaves Gil Victoria S.A. de C.V.
Chihuahua, Mèxico

A man of few words, but we get the idea. Thanks for the kudos, Josè...Des

"The set of cutters that were sent the second time via UPS have arrived, but there is no sign of the set that was originally sent. Wilco on the request to return them to you if and when they show up. Also, I was damned impressed with the way that you stood up for your employees. It would be nice if most companies in this country dealt with customer issues in the manner that you did, but I am afraid that this is not the case. You are truly the exception rather than the rule. Thank you very much."

Paul S. Milnes
Shorline, WA

Mr. Milnes wrote in response to our handling of a very challenging problem with his order...Des

"Thank you for having the vision to see the importance of contributing to 'Operation Glastar.' With your help, the youth of our community will be a part of something which will not only be educational, but could be life changing. They will have the opportunity to learn more than one trade as they participate in the construction of building an aircraft. They will also learn to fly in the same airplane and obtain their license if they so desire."

Errol D. Severe
Aviation Cadet Museum, Inc.

"On behalf of the Monocoupe Club, we thank you for your generous donation of a $50 gift certificate in response to our request for door prizes for our Fly-In. We appreciate your support."

Frank W. Kerner
The Monocoupe Club

"Hello. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the ease of ordering through your site. It was very smooth and simple. I also wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the fact that you ship through the USPS [United States Postal Service]. Shipping to Alaska any other way is very expensive, and makes buying products online a difficult and expensive experience from time to time. I will definitely choose you to order from again."

Liz Rawlins
Anchorage, AK

"Brilliant service!! I will strongly recommend to other UK builders!"

Philip O'Neil
East Sussex, UK

"On behalf of the Auburn Aviation Association, I wanted to express our sincerest thanks for your generous donation. It helped to make our event possible. I realize that you are probably inundated with donation requests, so please accept my sincere thanks for finding our organization worthy of your kindness."

Susan K. Wozniak
Board of Directors
Auburn Aviation Association

"Thank you for your door prize donation to the recent 30th annual International Cessna 120/140 Association convention, which was held in Omaha, Nebraska. We sincerely appreciate your support of our organization and look forward to an ongoing relationship with your company."

Ward Combs
Convention Host
International Cessna 120/140 Association

"I received my No. 10 Rivenut Tool back today and would like to thank you for repairing it and getting it back to me quickly. I'm retired from the maintenance business now, but still work on planes of my own. It's now a hobby shop. Keeps me out of the taverns and my wife knows where to find me... I've always been satisfied with your tools and service. If I needed something special in the future, I will order from you."

Don Macor
Duluth, MN

"I've been ordering stuff from you for nearly 20 years, and I've only had one klunker. It's that green vacuum cleaner I bought back in '92. That thing never did work right -- leaked like a sieve. Other than that, your products have never let me down, and your service is the best in the industry. I'm a very satisfied customer."

Jack Reid
Warren, MI

Ah yes, I do remember the mini-vacs of the early '90's -- what an embarrassment they were. Fortunately, that unfortunate product has been mercifully laid to rest and replaced with our ATS Pro Mini Vac a long time ago. Needles to say, Jack received a new mini-vac on the house... Des.

"I am an AVID fan of your tools. I work at Keystone Helicopter in Coatesville, PA and am wondering if you have a tool truck that could come and visit us. I am always promoting your products and would like a few catalogs mailed to me so I can leave them laying around the shop! Please be sure to keep an ATS 90 degree motor (p/n 775) on the shelf as I will be ordering it on Friday! Thank you for your products and time!"

Christopher Via
Hatboro, PA

Sorry Chris, we don't have a tool truck. But don't worry -- we're just a phone call or a mouse click away... Des

"I would like to thank the folks at ATS for sending me a spring for my tube beading tool without charge. That was a very nice response to my inquiry and the kind of thing that will continue to make ATS my choice for tools."

Darrel Starr
Minneapolis, MN

"On behalf of Skills USA VICA, I would like to thank you for your recent donation to our State Aviation Skills Contest, which was held at Tulsa Technology Center's Riverside Campus. It was a very successful contest and we have students from our campus that will participate in the National contests in Kansas City, Missouri in June. Thank you for your involvement in the Aviation Community and for being a part of our contest."

John Blair
Contest Chair
Tulsa Technology Center

"Thank you for the great service. I will be getting a few more tools and ATS is going to be the first place I look."

Robert Johnson
Auburn, CA

"Keep up the good work. You have become a legend and tradition in the aviation maintenance industry."

George Spurr
San Bernardino, CA

"I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for the prompt delivery of my order. Everything was there and in excellent condition. I have ordered items online from other companies before and have paid for the quicker shipping and have waited upwards to 6 weeks to get my order. I didn't pay any shipping with ATS and received my order right around 2 weeks. Thank you again for the great service. I will definitely be a life long customer of ATS as well as recommend you to all my co-workers."

Correy Keen
Ash Grove, MO

"I wanted to take a moment and express my appreciation for your prompt and professional service that I received. I most recently returned and unserviceable tool to be repaired under warranty. I received my tool expeditiously and in brand new working condition. I thank you and your company for their craftsmanship, professionalism and superb customer relations."

Author Schreiner
Brooks, KY

"Thank you for your very fast service... I'll shop with you again."

Rich Monroe
Grand Haven, MI

"Before compensation [for a sample he sent to us], let me talk a little about your excellent service.. As you know, I lately placed a modest order with ATS, and had a couple of problems: First, the Palm Drill hand an improperly assembled chuck, and I was shipped six #40S drills instead of the #30S drills I ordered. Well, my friend, you and the staff at ATS have really got this kind of problem and its best solution figured out, and I am greatly impressed:

to return the bad (wrong) stuff. What a breath of fresh air. With this caliber of service, who would go elsewhere?"

Mike Honer
Asheboro, NC

Thanks Mike. That's the kind of excellent service our customers have come to expect from us... Des.

"You need to be congratulated!!!! Got my complete order today which was really faster than I expected. Paperwork was easy to read and complete. Other companies could learn from you. The website is 'THE BEST' and you are a wonderful company to do business with. I want to order more from you just because your are so good and your prices are realistic. Happy to be a customer and looking forward to much more business with you."

Fred Rosenblum
Hampstead, NH

"Thank you for your lightning service!!! It was very important to us."

Tim Shideler
USA Charters, Inc.

"Just wanted to thank you for the prompt service on my first order placed on the day after Christmas. Your online ordering system is the best I've ever used."

Russ Oberg
Golden, CO

"A quick note to say many thanks for the Hex Nut Fasteners which arrived this morning in good order and correct, and quite quickly for ordinary post. I am impressed with the quality of these tools and especially the price, and will certainly recommend you to anyone I know who needs the kind of stuff you supply, as well as ordering from you again myself. I also liked the friendly style of your website and ordering system - well done folks."

Peter Phillpotts
Chesterfield, UK