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Product Features

  • 4 high powered cool white 6500k Samsung SMD LEDs - 150 lumens
  • 420mAh Lithium-polymer battery
  • Gives you between 2.5 and 6.5 hours of light off one charge
  • Light can easily be removed from the hat and charged directly through a USB port
  • Can be fully charged in 4 hours
  • Comfortable knitted Beanie, one size fits all
  • Material: 35% acrylic 65% polyester
List Price:  $39.95
Save  $17.45  (44%)

The warm knitted beanie hat features an integrated 150 lumen USB rechargeable LED head torch. The head torch unit can be removed from the beanie and charged on the move from a computer or smartphone charger, and has 4 Samsung SMD LEDs. These LEDs power the light which has a run time from 2.5hr on high to 6.5hrs on the dim setting. The light has three settings which can be controlled from the front switch, High, Med, Flash.

1 lbs (0.5Kg) shipping weight.