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Part Number: 021-0128


Closeout $49.95


12 volt charger. It’s been called the world’s most advanced battery charger: The award winning Deltran Battery Tender is one of the new generation of "smart" chargers. It is designed to fully charge your battery and maintain it at proper storage voltage without producing any of the damaging effects caused by trickle chargers. Its microprocessor constantly monitors your battery’s state and controls the charging so that it does not overcharge and "cook" your battery. Just plug it in and forget it! Battery Tender is the charger recommended by companies such as AC/Delco, Harley-Davidson, BMW Automotive, Polaris, and many others. Comes with a handy Quick Connect Harness. Two year warranty.

NOTE: The manufacturer cautions that while Battery Tender will work perfectly for AGM and/or flooded batteries, it does not work with gell type batteries such as Gil. Please check your battery type before ordering.

3 lbs (1.5Kg) shipping weight.