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Important Note

You may encounter problems adding or keeping items in your shopping cart if your browser is not configured to accept a Session Cookie from our website. Please read more below about session cookies and why they will not compromise your privacy or security in any manner. Also please read our privacy policy regarding the information we collect and how we use it.

After which, we invite you to configure your browser to a setting that will get the most from your shopping experience on our website while preserving your privacy. You'll find detailed instructions below for several of the most popular web browsers. If you need further assistance in configuring your browser correctly, please contact us at 1-800-248-0638 for details.

Our privacy policy

We certainly understand your need for privacy in this age of information and identity theft. That is why we take every measure to ensure that any information you provide to us is held in the strictest confidence. It is also our policy to ask for only the minimum amount of information required to provide you with a satisfying shopping experience. To that end, we use a Session Cookie to help us keep track of the items in your shopping cart.

What is a Session Cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of data our website hands your browser to hold until it is later requested. If your browser is enabled to accept cookies, it will store this data until we ask your browser to return it. It's important to emphasize that a cookie will return only the data we give it. We use a Session Cookie to store your order number and nothing else. Additionally, Session Cookies are automatically deleted by your Browser upon completion of your order (or if you abandon your shopping session by either navigating to another website, or turning off your computer).

How to adjust your cookie settings

Please follow the instructions below to enable cookies for your browser, which will allow us to accurately record your order and make your shopping experience more enjoyable. Thank You.

Internet Explorer 6.x, 7.x
(and higher)

Click Tools from your browser's menu bar, then select Internet Options. Select the Privacy tab, then move the slider on the left to a setting of High or lower. Click OK to save and resume shopping.


Click Tools from your browser's menu bar, then select Options. Click the Privacy icon on top (the one that looks like a lock), and then check the accept cookies from website box. You may also want to set the keep until dropdown to I close Firefox for added security. Click OK to save your settings, and resume shopping.


Click Edit from your browser's menu bar, then select Preferences, and click the Security icon at the top (it looks like a lock). From the Accept cookies options, make sure that Only from sites you navigate to is selected. Close the window and resume shopping.


Click Tools from your browser's menu bar, then select Preferences. Click the Advanced tab and then click the Cookies option on the left. Next, make sure that "Accept cookies only from the site I visit" is selected. You may also want to check the "Delete cookies when exiting Opera" box for extra privacy if desired. Click OK to save your settings, and resume shopping.
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